How to build a hotel IPTV TV system? Dec 16, 2021
        The global hotel industry has now entered the era of experience economy, and smart hotels are the inevitable trend of hotel development. So how can we successfully build a smart hotel? , You can start from the following points.

        1. Intelligentize existing resources and realize value-added operations. On the one hand, make more hotel facilities and guest room equipment intelligent, such as upgrading the room TV intelligent system, transforming traditional TV into a multilingual real-name welcome service, room service, marketing promotion, information release, VOD on-demand, etc. The integrated human-computer interaction platform, the cost of this transformation is not high, but it can bring several times the return on investment for the hotel. On the other hand, expand WIFI, WeChat, official website and other functions, and add interactive modules. For example, when guests connect to the hotel’s wireless network, they will automatically receive hotel coupons to increase their stickiness with customers.

       2. Build a rich scene of guests staying in the store, and occupy more fragmented time of the guests. On the one hand, using the display attributes of TVs and flat-panels to transfer laundry, ordering and other services to the display terminal, optimizing the traditional room service process and improving service efficiency; on the other hand, introducing smart devices and slightly modifying traditional facilities to realize self-check-in , WeChat door opening, VOD on-demand, etc., to enhance guest experience.

       3. Leverage the mobile Internet to provide decentralized management and social services. On the one hand, using the VOD on-demand system as the carrier, the hotel’s daily housekeeping management is mobilized, the process is simplified, and the structure is flattened. A new service model of "online response and fast service" is established to realize the link between management and service; On the one hand, use big data and cloud computing to make a personalized experience for guests and realize the link between people and services.

      4. Create a smart hotel living circle and realize ecological operation. The hotel industry chain is changing from the relationship (B2B2C) between the supplier to the hotel to the guest (B2B2C) to the relationship between the hotel and its partners serving guests together (C2B&B). We hope to become a partner integrating third-party resources, centering on the three centers of marketing, management, and service, using "SOUKA" VOD system and "SOUKA" smart terminals and other headend products to create a mobile Internet life circle with the hotel. Serve hotel guests.

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