SOUKA hotel interactive TV system (IPTV) Nov 11, 2021
     "SOUKA" hotel interactive TV system, that is, the interactive smart TV system used in the hotel industry, is a kind of use of cable TV network and Ethernet data network, through the high-performance SOUKA set-top box, check in to the hotel with the TV as the terminal Guests provide interactive service systems including digital TV broadcasting, high-definition video-on-demand, comprehensive information query, business and travel value-added services and other functions. This system is a professional product that meets the needs of hotels, especially high-end star hotels, to provide guests with multilingual audio and video entertainment, information and functional services. It is the core of current hotel room informatization and digitization.

     "SOUKA" Hotel Interactive TV Technology :

      SOUKA set-top box: Hotel interactive TV set-top boxes are divided into two basic standard systems supporting digital television broadcasting (DVB) and supporting Internet television (IPTV).

      Streaming media technology: The streaming media server supports multiple compression/decompression standards, and supports broadcast, carousel, and on-demand functions.

      Intelligent interaction: realize intelligent interaction functions through other application systems. For example: docking with the hotel PMS management system to realize intelligent language switching, account settlement, online message, etc.; at the same time, it can perform data operations and functional operations with third-party systems, such as: real-time ticket booking, settlement and check-in printing, etc. .

     Content management: support the packaging of the hotel's personalized interface, the publishing of text, pictures, audio and video, the operation and management of on-line and off-line.

     The content of "SOUKA" hotel interactive TV :

     Basic content: You can enjoy a variety of integrated latest TV functions and services, including: broadcast TV, Internet TV, satellite TV, etc. It supports regular recording and review of basic TV channels and paid channel programs.

     Extended content: You can enjoy local TV carousel and on-demand services, such as: on-demand entertainment services that focus on movies on demand and include a variety of content; local-style food, transportation, tourism, fashion and other carousel channels.

     Service content: The hotel provides customers with in-store ordering, shopping, message messages, quick checkout, automatic wake-up service functions, as well as security, recreation and other service information through interactive TV.

     Business travel information and value-added services: travel information, weather, transportation, shopping, food, entertainment, etc. that are concerned and demanded by business travelers, as well as service functions such as meal ordering, ticket booking, and car chartering required by guests. The manifestation is in the form of multimedia electronic magazines, audio and video media, audio broadcasts, and graphic function pages.

     Other leisure and entertainment: games, web surfing, multi-screen interaction and other functions.

     Operation of "SOUKA" Hotel Interactive TV :

     Shenzhen Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional operator of hotel interactive TV systems and a high-tech enterprise specializing in hotel interactive TV operations. The self-developed "SOUKA" hotel interactive TV system was developed to meet the special needs of the hotel serving guests in the hotel. It integrates the hotel's intelligent management system, broadband network system, video multimedia system and broadcasting in one, and is operated by a dedicated hotel IPTV operator. With the development of domestic IPTV digital TV, the development of hotel IPTV business is also in the ascendant, with broad market prospects.

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