The intelligentization of hotels has gradually become the trend of the future development of hotels Nov 17, 2021

      The strength of a high-standard and international hotel is not only reflected in the complete hardware facilities and good geographical advantages, but also in the soft power of the hotel-the level of service. Intimate, thoughtful and standard international services are the core values of high-level hotels. In the age of intelligent information, IT technology has become the most critical factor supporting the level of hotel services.

      Smart hotel enters the era of "smart service"

      Smart hotels are a major trend in the development of the hotel industry in the future

      The first, smart hotels must be intelligently designed around the needs of guests. In the future, our hotels will be intelligent, and now there are many intelligent houses, but the cost of building intelligent hotels will be very high. However, it is believed that with the maturity of intelligent building technology, the marginal cost will decrease. In addition, the operating cost of intelligent hotels will be lower, mainly due to the saving of labor costs.

      The second, smart hotels must be able to achieve intelligent management. With the development of information technology, the traditional service industry is becoming more and more manufacturable. The traditional innovation theory is mainly aimed at the manufacturing industry. It is believed that the innovation of the service industry is mainly based on the mature technology of the manufacturing industry. Some people think that the innovation of the service industry is difficult to evaluate because each service product is unique. If you look at it from a unique perspective Looking at innovation, there is no doubt that every service product is innovating.

      The transformation of hotel intelligence will form a huge industrial chain. Over the years, the hotel industry has developed quite maturely, and the number of domestic star-rated hotels is already a surprising number. The smart hotel technology is also slowly moving towards a mature development period, and the promotion of smart hotel projects is already a task that should be carried out nowadays. Through the intelligent transformation of hotels, a huge industrial chain will be formed, providing a large number of employment opportunities, stimulating the development of related industries, and further promoting the rapid development of Internet of Things technology.

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